Fans Are Loving IU’s New “Crop Top and Ripped Jeans” Look

This is a whole new look for IU.

A post titled “IU in Crop and Ripped Jeans” recently surfaced in online communities, and it showcases IU wearing a black crop top and ripped jeans at a concert in Jakarta, Indonesia.

According to the post, IU sang encores following her main performance.

And when she did, she appeared in a black crop top and ripped jeans, allowing her to show off her flawless figure.

It’s also been revealed that IU’s fashion coordinator was so excited about this new look that she took to her social media to share, “She finally wore ripped jeans. A crop top and ripped jeans… This is crazy.

IU is not typically known to flaunt such a bold look, as she’s more feminine outfits.

So the crop top and ripped jeans surprised both her coordinator and fans for how unexpectedly amazing they look on her.

Regarding IU’s bold new look, fans are responding with comments such as “Her waist is so thin“, “So pretty. It suits you“, and “I love this kind of fashion“.

Source: Dispatch