An IU Fanboy Was Once So Nervous To Meet Her That He Almost Missed A Golden Opportunity

We don’t blame him!

It’s every K-Pop fan’s dream to attend a fansign, but most don’t have the opportunity. This IU fanboy not only had the rare opportunity to attend her “Love Poem” fansign, he also managed to leave a lasting impression!

Lucky for those who weren’t there, a video captured the hilarious interaction as it unfolded. It all started when it was the fanboy’s turn to meet IU.

He received the signature of the soloist queen herself, and you could totally feel his nervous and excited energy.

As he turned to leave, IU extended her hand for a handshake…

…only for him to offer his pen to her!

IU didn’t hold back her laughter when she realized what had happened.

After the fanboy adorably understood what she meant, he enthusiastically shook her hand. If anything, at least he didn’t miss such a golden opportunity!

Not gonna lie, we completely understand his reaction. After all, it’s not every day you get to see a goddess in person.

Watch the full interaction below: