IU’s Fandom Is So “Scary” That A Veteran Idol Apologized Just To Stay On Their Good Side

“It’s funny that he knows they’re scary!”

Because IU earned the title of “Nation’s Little Sister” and has a dedicated fanbase that even includes K-Pop idols, it can be intimidating for anyone to upset her fans. One veteran idol was ahead of the game when immediately apologizing for a minor mishap that could’ve been interpreted negatively.


When IU’s favorite boy group god (formerly known as g.o.d) appeared on IU’s Palette, she became a successful fan yet again by seeing moments no other fan had. And when the group’s leader Joon Park called for IU’s attention in a way that could’ve been viewed as informal, he immediately apologized in English, “I shouldn’t have called her like that; I’m sorry IU fans.

That’s when Yoon Kye Sang made everyone laugh, including IU. He pointed out, “He knows they are scary.

Yoon Kye Sang couldn’t help emphasizing that Joon Park had seen UEANA’s anger towards someone and wanted to avoid it for himself. He explained, “It’s funny that he knows they’re scary!” Joon Park even put his hands together once more to show his sincerity.

When it comes to defending their favorite idols, every fandom jumps into action—even UEANAs. See Joon Park’s funny moment of being extra cautious to show respect to IU and her fans.