IU Reassures Fans That It’s Okay to Be Sad in a Sincere New Years Greeting

“It’s okay to be sad or unhappy.”

Upon the arrival of 2020, IU gave a special shoutout to fans who aren’t particularly happy at the start of the new year.

Following her last concert of the year, IU uploaded a video greeting her fans ahead of the new year.

Did you have a good year, everyone? I’m sure you all had your ups and downs, but I want to praise you for enduring another year. I always want to pat you on the shoulder and cheer you on.

– IU

In the video, she expressed her wishes for her fans to smile and be happy.

It’s the new year soon. Since we don’t have a day off, let’s work hard on being happy and try hard to smile.

– IU

What drew particular attention was IU’s reassurance that it’s okay to be unhappy.

It’s okay to be sad or unhappy once in a while. But I hope that even when I’m sad, all my fans are happy.

– IU

Fans are predicting that IU attempted to comfort those who might be sad during a time when people are celebrating the new year.

Check out the full message below:

Source: Insight