Professional Idol Trainers Name IU As Someone All Aspiring Idols Should Look Up To

Here’s why.

It’s easy to see why netizens may think most K-Pop stars come from being scouted by agents. Several groups like SEVENTEEN and TREASURE have members who were street-cast by employees from PLEDIS Entertainment and YG Entertainment respectively.

TREASURE’s Jaehyuk was scouted on the street by six famous agencies | TREASURE/YouTube

YouTube channel AYO addressed this in an interview with professional idol trainers. Lee Yoon Ji has experience in the industry thanks to being a PLAYBACK member while Kim Se Yeon taught vocal lessons for 10 years and counting. They answered questions such as, “I feel like all successful idols made it at once or they got street cast.”

The two immediately denied that idols don’t have a hard time auditioning as well. They named IU as a great example of someone who was turned down by JYP Entertainment but grew to become a global superstar.

I heard IU did a lot of auditions. She went to JYP to audition and she felt like ‘I’m so ordinary’ and then she failed. But she tried until she made it, and she’s IU now.

— Kim Se Yeon

She insisted that the phrase “made it at once” is not “true at all.”

Lee Yoon Ji assured netizens that they can’t expect their first auditions to go exactly the way they want it. After all, there are several factors that can make them more nervous than usual.

On your first audition, you can never show 100% of your ability. You’re too nervous and you have to wait for a long time. You start to mope, ‘Who am I? Where am I?’ You take the audition like that.

— Lee Yoon Ji

Because of this, they shouldn’t fret if they don’t do well: “But if you keep experiencing it, you get used to it. And when you finally do it comfortably, you pass the audition.”

They encouraged aspiring trainees to take every chance they get. Things like age, appearance, and experience will be trumped by their capabilities in the end.

Kim Se Yeon: You should just keep trying.

Lee Yoon Ji: You pass it when you keep trying.

Who knows, they may even end up like IU, a top artist who made it after multiple auditions!

| @dlwlrma/Instagram

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