Small Detail In Interaction Between IU And Her Manager Shows Just How Well He Knows Her

So cute!

IU recently released her first album in three years. Called The Winning, it features title tracks “HOLSSI” and “Shopper.”

The latest IU TV episode showed fans the filming process of the latter. The singer and her team traveled to the United States to shoot the fantasy-like “Shopper” music video. They celebrated happily at the end, proud of being able to finish on time.

After saying goodbye to the directors, IU’s manager escorted her back to their holding area. He panicked when the singer quickened her steps and went the opposite direction.

Left, left!

 IU’s Manager

She yelled back that she knew what she was doing, intending to say goodbye to one of the actors in the music video.

I’m just gonna say bye!

— IU

The manager let out a quick, “Ahh” as he allowed her accomplish her task without bothering her any further.

Rather than being overprotective or strict about their schedule, IU’s manager was worried that she would get lost once again. The singer is well known for being directionally challenged. She even admitted to this in an episode of Knowing Bros, saying, “My sense of left and right is not as astute as most people’s.”

Based from experience, IU’s manager knew that he has to look out for her extra carefully when they’re in unfamiliar places. Needless to say, fans found the interaction hilarious. They noticed that the two are so close, IU can ditch her normally sweet persona and act angry when she’s with him. They also found it cute that he understands her so well.

Check out the full video below!

Source: YouTube


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