IU Opens Up On How She Plans To Live Differently In Her 30s

“In my 30s, I really want to…”

IU recently dropped her 5th full album LILAC and it has been nothing but successful! Because LILAC is a reflection of IU’s 20s, many of the album’s tracks are very personal to the star. In her latest YouTube upload, IU opened up even more and revealed what she wished she tried during her 20s.

In her latest YouTube video, IU performed several of her new songs as well as answered various questions asked by Uaena themselves!

One of the questions asked was, “What do you regret not trying in your 20s?”

In response, IU admitted that she actually didn’t feel the desire to try a lot of different things but was more focused on working.

I think there were not a lot of things that I wanted to do. There was nothing to be unsatisfied. Because I worked a lot and worked hard. There’s no such thing that I missed while working.

— IU

Despite her answer, IU shared that she wants to change in her 30s. Instead of revolving her life solely on work, IU conveyed she wanted to live a bit more freely entering her 30s.

I liked my work and I wanted to do many things. I want to change a bit. In my 30s, it’s a greeting to the different versions of me. That’s my goal in my 30s. Let’s focus on living rather than working.

— IU

IU explained that the hard-working life she lived in her 20s is reflected a lot in her LILAC album’s song “Coin.”

Working like crazy and the delightness I felt after working, that’s the story of ‘Coin.’ In the lyrics of ‘Coin,’ Like a game that I’m addicted to, I really enjoy working hard. But if I continue this for a decade, I thought it could harm me in a way.

— IU

Overall, IU shared she has no regrets from her 20s and therefore wishes to continue living well in her 30s.

Remembering my 20s, I have no big regrets. So in my 30s, I really want to take care of myself. Take care of my life and the people around me. I made this album with a great motivation I tried to explain and wish it through my album.

— IU

Check out the video below: