IU Proved Her Charms Have No Language Barrier In This Hilarious, All-English Ment

No matter where she is, IU’s charms are irresistible!

IU has charmed us all with her vocals, visuals, and personality ever since she debuted! Even language barriers meant nothing to her as she flexed her English skills during a concert in the Philippines.

IU is a South Korean singer-songwriter. | @dlwlrma/Instagram

During a concert in Manila, IU gave a ment before her “final song” where she joked around with the audience. She asked them to please wait 5 minutes before calling for an encore since she has to get changed first!

| ahpurr/YouTube 

Also, if you’re going to call for an encore, please, after the show is finished, please call out 5 minute later, okay? ‘Cause I have to change my clothes and hair and makeup.

— IU

IU also said that she has to use the restroom before she can do an encore and told the audience that they should go too!

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She also encouraged the audience to stretch a little bit before the encore. Fans were cracking up over IU’s speech and were shouting back to let her know they’ll listen to her!

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IU hilariously ended her ment by introducing her last song — except she couldn’t help but be honest! She called it her “fake last song” before saying her “fake” goodbye.

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One fan commented under a clip of the ment on YouTube and said that IU spoke some Tagalog as well while performing in the Philippines. According to them, the audience also listened diligently and waited exactly 5 minutes before shouting for an encore!

| YouTube

IU’s charms know no limits, and this is just one example of how no matter where she is, IU has people falling for her natural personality.

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Check out the adorable video that has IU fans falling for her sense of humor all over again!

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