IU Recognizes A Fan Despite Their Last Meeting Being Ten Years Ago

Her memory is something else.

When it comes to fanservice, there is hardly any K-Pop idol who could outdo the queen herself,ย IU. Over the years, she has shown her genuine appreciation for fans through random acts of kindness, whether it be surprising a fan at their graduation, learning sign language to communicate better with Uaena (her fandom’s name), or giving them generous gifts at every possible chance she gets.

One thing that sets IU’s connection with her fans apart is how much she pays individual attention to them. While K-Pop idols, most often than not, genuinely appreciate their fandoms as a collective, it is impractical to expect them to remember each fan separately. But as it turns out, when you are a fan of IU, nothing is impossible.

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A recent post by a Japanese Uaena is going viral on Twitter because people are taken aback by IU’s sincerity towards her fans. On May 6, the OP (original poster) attended a fan event at Lotte Cinema in Gimpo Airport, where IU was present to promote her latest movieย Dream. IU noticed the OP, immediately recognized her, and even called out her name, asking if she has been doing well.

Oh, Lisa!
How have you been?!


But the fascinating part is that it has been ten years since the OP last met IU. She mentioned in the caption of her tweet, overwhelmed that her idol remembered her so clearly.

The fan hadnโ€™t seen her in over 10 years, but IU remembered their name. What an incredible memory! T-T โ™ก

โ€”OP’s caption in the tweet.

In the video, IU can be seen calling out OP’s name, Lisa, multiple times as the two proceed to have a whispered conversation while someone else can be heard speaking on the stage. She told the OP she missed her and complimented her, saying she is just as beautiful as ten years ago!

IU: You havenโ€™t changed at all! Still so pretty.
IU: How are you?
Fan: I missed you so much!
IU:ย Me too.

Fans are overjoyed to see how genuinely IU treats her fans like her real friends and appreciate that her sincerity is getting its well-deserved recognition.

Isn’t it really impossible not to love Jieun?

โ€”@HWednesday, Twitter


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