IU Reveals Her Love For This Ice Cream Flavor

She felt bad for those who don’t know the greatness of this flavor.

IU revealed her love for a particular ice cream flavor on the YouTube video she uploaded on July 27.

IU had reached 1 million subscribers and received a Gold Play Button. To celebrate, she received questions from her viewers and fans during this time.


One fan asked, “Do you really like mint chocolate chip ice cream? What’s so good about it?”


After reading the question, IU said something that made it clear she was a big fan of mint chocolate chip ice cream.

He/She seems very angry. To not be able to experience the charms of mint chocolate chip. That’s unfortunate.”

ㅡ IU


She also received a variety of other questions such as, “If a pigeon laid an egg on your porch, what would you do?”

IU responded by confessing her lack of confidence to raise any baby birds.

What to do. I’m sorry, but I’m not confident in raising it. Please go somewhere else. I beg you.

ㅡ IU


Another fan’s question asked what for IU’s most precious item. She revealed that it was her diaries from her trainee days that were safely locked away.

Check out more questions and answers by IU in her video below:

Source: YouTube