Here’s How IU’s School Life Was Like When She Was Already A Famous Celebrity

“Ever since I made my debut…”

IU has been active in the entertainment industry for over ten years. She debuted in 2008 when she was just 15 years old with the song “Lost Child.” Since then, she’s made a name for herself as a strong singer, dancer, actress, and CF queen.

IU’s debut stage | MBC

Behind the riches and glamor, IU also leads a normal life. In a past interview, she talked about her struggles with balancing her celebrity and school lives.

I try to go to school every day, but when I have to do a shoot for a reality show, which takes at least two days on location, I can’t always make it.

— IU

Luckily, her friends saw her as a normal classmate and not as someone who rakes in millions of dollars a year. This made it easier for her to enjoy both sides of herself: a star and a student.

IU in “Dream High”

My friends really don’t see me as a celebrity because it’s already been three years since I started working in this business.

— IU

IU graduated from Dongduk Girls’ High School in February 2012. She originally planned on pursuing Korean literature, stating, “Ever since I made my debut, my grades have dropped a lot, except my grades in Korean literature.” In the end, however, she decided to focus on her singing career.

The decision paid off as she is now one of the backbones of the Korean entertainment industry! Her latest hits are consistent chart-toppers and she even successfully branched out into acting.

Check out some of the songs she released when she was still in high school below!

Source: Korea JoongAng Daily