IU Spotted Entertaining Guests at Hyukoh Member’s Wedding Like the Loyal Queen She Is

They became friends on “Infinite Challenge” back in 2015.

The queen of loyalty, IU was spotted at Hyukoh member, Im Hyun Jae‘s wedding where she entertained guests with a gorgeous song.

Im Hyun Jae recently married his non-celebrity girlfriend of 8 years in a ceremony of friends and colleagues, which included the lovely IU.

And like the true friend she is, she was captured singing “The Meaning of You” from 2014 for all the guests.

Not only did IU show off her beautiful voice, but she touched the audience with the sincerity she sang the song with.

As if that wasn’t enough to entertain the guests, IU also somehow managed to look absolutely gorgeous in a plain yet wedding-appropriate outfit.

Upon finishing the song, IU beamed a bright smile and said, “I wish you happiness.

IU first became friends with Im Hyun Jae through the 2015 episode of Infinite Challenge where both IU and the band, Hyukoh showed off their musical gifts.

And seeing how IU made the time to sing at Im Hyun Jae’s wedding 5 years later, it’s no wonder IU is famous for being a loyal queen.


Check out the full performance below:

Source: Insight