IU’s Playful Message For Her Younger Brother Is Exactly What You’d Expect Her To Say Since She’s Older Than Him

Her message to her younger brother is such an “older sister” thing to say.

Popular celebrity IU is known for her “girl-next-door” charms and gorgeous visuals that can capture the hearts of millions of her fans.

She’s also “Korea’s It Girl” with a lot of endorsements, dramas and movies under her belt.

And of course, IU is also a talented musician who has bagged a lot of awards and who has penned different songs and performed them all flawlessly.

Looking at all of IU’s achievements, you may think she’s different from regular humans like us.

But did you know that IU’s a typical human being, too, as evidenced by her interactions with her younger brother?

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For example, when IU drew a heart over her parents’ faces…

…but she just drew a plain circle over her brother’s face.

And in her recent update, when IU was asked about her parking skills…

she was proud to say that she can do reverse-parking as well.

How does this relate to her younger brother? Well, when it was mentioned that he couldn’t park in reverse yet, IU had a proud smile on her face…

…and gave him this playful message:

You have to park in reverse to be a true driver.

– IU

She even backed her statement up by parking successfully in reverse. At first, she was nervous.

But by talking indirectly to her younger brother…

…she managed to do it in just one try.

This isn’t the first time that IU shared about her interactions with her younger brother.

Last time, it was also discovered that her texting moments with him are incredibly relatable, too. Look how he never responded to any of her texts.

IU: Hey
IU: Hey

And when her brother didn’t reply, IU still texted him the same thing on a different day.

April 6, 2013, Saturday

IU: Hey
IU: Hey hey
IU: Hey
IU: Lee Jong Hoon
IU: Hey hey hey
IU: Hey

Since she didn’t want to give up, IU gave him the ultimatum to make him respond to her texts.

April 7, 2013, Sunday

IU: Hey
IU: If you ignore me one more time I’m going to cut off your allowance

Her tactic was effective as her brother replied the next day.

April 8, 2013, Monday

Brother: Why

IU and her younger brother are definitely sibling goals!

It seems like IU’s reputation for being a playful sibling contrasts with her kind personality to always be considerate to everyone. Here’s the next article about MAMAMOO sharing what IU did for them in the past.

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