IVE Hopes To Be A Group That Can Give Hope And Positivity Through Music

They were determined to show something through this album.

K-Pop girl group IVE successfully completed its first full-length album activities. They’ve succeeded in making four consecutive mega hits and dominated the charts for the month of April. From “Kitsch” to “I AM,” they competed for first and second place on the charts.

Q: You finished promoting your first full-length album, which received a lot of love. How do you feel after successfully completing activities?

Ahn Yujin: First, I am grateful to the domestic and international fans who loved this album. I was happy because I had a lot of time to meet with fans in person through music broadcasts and entertainment programs. Although fans may be sad that activities are over, I hope they will gain another happy memory from this.


Gaeul: It’s hard to believe that promotions are already over, as this was our first full album, and we were very determined to for this comeback. It’s such a pity that promotions are already over, but I’m proud that I made another unforgettable memory with the fans. I want to tell our members and fans that everyone worked hard.


Jang Wonyoung: First of all, thank you so much to our fans who supported us so that we could finish our activities well. Whenever we met on music shows, we got a lot of really good energy. Even after this promotion is over, we will be back with more things, so please look forward to it.


Liz: Through this album, I was happy that the members could directly participate in the rap-making and writing lyrics, revealing the color of IVE. Most of all, it was really nice to meet a lot of our fans. I would like to say thank you once again to the fans who always send us unchanging love.

Leeseo: This album was so precious to IVE that there isn’t a single song on the album that doesn’t have deep meaning. As if recognizing the importance, the fans sent us so much love that I can’t express it in words. I will become work harder to repay you with better music in the future.

What do you think is the secret to receiving so much love from your music, album, music broadcast, and global results?

Gaeul: I prepared really hard for this promotion without neglecting any of the vocals, rapping, and performance. And on every stage, we went into our activities while shouting, ‘Fighting,’ so that we could exert 100% of our efforts. I think the determination to show everything we have was conveyed to many people as energy and hope radiating from the stage or song.


Liz: I want to talk about the message aspect of the album. Through this album, I wanted to convey the hope and support of ‘being strong together.’ The songs that show this message the best are one of the title tracks, “I AM,” and the fan song, “Shine With Me,” written by Wonyoung. Although our promotions have ended, we hope that the songs from the album will remain as good music that people want to hear again and again.


Leeseo: We released 11 songs in this album, and I think many people enjoyed it because each song has its own personality. Our debut song, ‘ELEVEN,’ has lyrics that say, ‘I didn’t know my heart was so colorful.’ Just like that, I think this album was a really colorful ‘Best Eleven.’

Source: osen


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