IVE’s Jang Wonyoung Looks Like A Korean Princess In A Hanbok

A different look from her normal get up!

Fans are probably used to IVE‘s Jang Wonyoung looking like the fashionista that she is. From Miu Miu looks…

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…to more mature outfits on fashion spreads. She’s a definite fashion icon of the 4th generation, for sure!

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Her normally modern looks were the reason why fans were absolutely shocked to spot her in hanbok, the traditional Korean dress. Wonyoung took the traditional look for a spin with her flawless makeup and signature wavy locks!

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Complete with a norigae (traditional ribbon tie and headpiece), Wonyoung looked like a Korean princess.

Her bright demeanor drew praise as fans pointed out that she looked like the cheerful maknae of a royal family.

It was certainly a very different look from her usual stage outfits and casual dresses.

She rocked the hanbok like no other!

Looks like everyone agrees! Fans and netizens alike couldn’t help but gush over Wonyoung’s hanbok look.

  • “How can the striped hanbok top look so cute…She’s a god-baby angel.”
  • “Was the striped hanbok top always this pretty? She’s f*cking pretty.”
  • “She’s such a baby! Baby princess! So cute.”
  • “What the. She’s so pretty.”
  • “Baby… She’s definitely a baby after wearing that striped hanbok top. Our Wonyoung is so cute. Unnie‘s gonna faint.”
  • “Oh my, baby.”

The colorful pattern suited her age perfectly. It was a great choice compared to the more elegant and simple hanboks that other celebrities often sport for photoshoots.

Here’s Suzy in her iconic hanbok photoshoot. She looked pure and luxurious in the silver-beige hanbok with a binyeo (traditional hair ornament) in her hair.

IVE’s stylist dressed them in bright colors and striped sleeves that suited their young age perfectly. After all, their maknae Iseo is still only in middle school! We’re loving the chance to see Wonyoung and the other IVE girls in hanboks!

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