IVE’s Wonyoung Stuns With Lighter Makeup And An Innocent Look

She’s a baby!

IVE‘s Wonyoung has always rocked heavy makeup ever since her debut with IZ*ONE after winning Produce 48. Heavy makeup is not a bad thing, especially for idols who need to stand out under the harsh stage lights. In fact, Wonyoung was so young when she debuted at 15 years old of age that her makeup artists probably had to give her heavier makeup to help her blend in better with the group.

Her signature makeup look in IZ*ONE always consisted of sparkly eye shadow, long lashes, cat-eyed liner and a red lip.

However, the cutie pie was able to showcase a more bubbly side of herself with her impending debut with IVE. The girls of IVE are all overall of a younger age range, and had a cute high-teen concept for their concept videos. This allowed Wonyoung to shine in her adorableness.

Fans noticed that she went for light, barely there makeup in the concept videos. Paired with a high bun and oversized tee, Wonyoung looked amazing.

The video gave fans a taste of how Wonyoung looks like with light makeup that perfectly suits her age and brings out her natural beauty.

She looks absolutely gorgeous even though she only has on lip tint and base makeup.

Fans re-colored her original black and white teaser image as well and she looks like a fresh-faced beauty.

Although we do miss the glamorous giant baby from her IZ*ONE days…

…she’s definitely still a baby to us!