IZ*ONE’s Wonyoung Revealed The Hair Color She Wants To Try And Fans Are Already In Love With The Idea

WIZ*ONE are crossing their fingers to see Wonyoung with the color:

While WIZ*ONE absolutely love Wonyoung with her gorgeous black locks, ever since she completely rocked purple hair during IZ*ONE‘s “Violetta” era they’ve have been wondering if there were any other bold colors Wonyoung would like to try out. And now they have an answer!

Wonyoung recently sat down with GQ to reveal a little bit of TMI including the question that’s been on many fans’ minds for a while now!

Without hesitating after she had finished reading the question, Wonyoung mentioned that her iconic “Violetta” purple was the biggest change in hair color that she’s ever had before revealing that she actually doesn’t like dyeing her hair that much.

Having purple hair during our ‘Violetta’ performance was the biggest change I’ve had in my hair color. I personally don’t like dyeing my hair that much, so I prefer black hair.

— Wonyoung

But even if she does prefer her natural and beautiful black hair, Wonyoung admitted there was one color she has been thinking about — red! With the warm summer months upon us, Wonyoung revealed she’d like to try an equally warm color like red.

But recently because summer is coming, I’ve been really feeling like I want to try red. Actually, I really like red.

— Wonyoung

While we all know that every color would look amazing on Wonyoung, hearing her words WIZ*ONE are 100% sold on red being her next bold color choice!

There’s absolutely no doubt that Wonyoung would look absolutely amazing with red too! Check out everything she had to say on the topic as well as more TMI info she revealed in the video below: