IZ*ONE’s Wonyoung Showered Her Dad With Lots Of Love While Talking About The Dish She Made For Him

Wonyoung’s words to her dad have been touching hearts:

IZ*ONE‘s Wonyoung has two major loves — food and family! While she often shares her love for her family as well as for a delicious meal, Wonyoung’s outpouring of love for her dad while talking about food during a recent TMI session with GQ has been touching everyone’s heart!

As Wonyoung is a well-known foodie, GQ absolutely had to know more about Wonyoung’s love for it by sneaking a few food-related questions into their question jar.

I totally love eating delicious food and visiting famous restaurants. My favorite food is beef!

— Wonyoung

Among the questions was one asking Wonyoung what dish she cooks with the most confidence.

Surprisingly, Wonyoung revealed that she doesn’t cook. Although we definitely don’t believe her because she’s good at everything she puts her mind to, she even said that she’s not good at cooking ramen!

I don’t cook. I’m not even good at cooking ramen.

— Wonyoung

Even if Wonyoung wasn’t too convinced with her cooking skills, however, she was able to come up with one dish that fills her with confidence because of how much her dad loved it! Remembering how her dad reacted when she made him a salmon avocado rice bowl, Wonyoung couldn’t hide her big smile as her love for her father overflowed!

Ah, I was so into avocado recently and I made my dad a salmon avocado rice bowl at home and ate it together. But then, my dad set my food pictures even as a default. So I would say avocado rice is the answer! My dad really enjoyed it! Love you dad~

— Wonyoung

As the forever humble queen that she is, however, Wonyoung played the dish’s success to her plating but we’re 100% sure Wonyoung’s dad would argue that it wasn’t the plating that made him love the dish so much!

I think this dish is almost a dish plating, not me. Cutting the avocado and putting the salmon flying fish roe and wasabi on top and cracking an egg like this! That’s it!

— Wonyoung

While Wonyoung got to talk about two things she loves during the TMI session, it was her sweet words to her father that truly touched everyone’s heart. Experience the full heartwarming moment for yourself below: