IZ*ONE’s Eunbi Had Just Revealed Her Desire To Befriend Dreamcatcher Before Immediately Fulfilling Her Wish

Their friendship is already beginning to blossom:

Right after a recent episode of Show Champion, fans not only got to see IZ*ONE Kwon Eunbi‘s wish come true but they got to witness a brand new friendship begin to blossom!

In the behind-the-scenes interviews after the show, IZ*ONE was asked if there were any groups they wanted to get closer to. Without hesitating one second, Eunbi chose Dreamcatcher as the group she would love to befriend and her members immediately agreed!

Dreamcatcher sunbaenim! I watched them on Idol Radio recently and they covered our song (‘Fiesta’). They said they want to talk to us! I watched that video and I think we all feel the same way too! Please come and visit us!

— Eunbi

Right after IZ*ONE had finished up their interview, Dreamcatcher came for theirs! During their interview, they revealed that they would love to get close to Eunbi and the rest of IZ*ONE too!

JiU: But IZ*ONE are all so pretty. How are they so pretty?

Yoohyeon: We recently did a ‘Fiesta’ dance cover. Eunbi said she saw it and that we did well.

While the news that IZ*ONE and Dreamcatcher both wanted to get closer to each other was already heartwarming enough, things got even better when Eunbi and Yuri passed by during their interview! As soon as they saw them, Dreamcatcher immediately started sending lots of love to the two IZ*ONE members…

Before Eunbi came over to greet them!

Eunbi is here! Another pretty friend!

— SuA

Within moments of Eunbi coming over, it was already apparent that their wishes to get close to each other were already coming true as Eunbi invited Dreamcatcher to grab a meal together with her and her members soon!

Our members all really like you too! Since our company buildings are close to each other, we should grab a meal together sometime too!

— Eunbi

Following the cute beginnings of a brand new friendship, Gahyeon later revealed that she had exchanged numbers with Eunbi and that they really are planning on meeting up soon!

With the pure cuteness that they shared on Show Champion, we can’t wait to see even more of this blossoming friendship! Watch the beginnings of this cute new friendship unfold for yourself in the videos below: