You’ll Want IZ*ONE’s Eunbi To Make Her Official Modeling Debut After You See Her Latest Insta Photos

Just Eunbi slaying the modeling game:

Some Instagram photos are fun, others are bold, and some can make you feel more than a little attacked. IZ*ONE‘s Kwon Eunbi hit all three points and then some in her latest Instagram post!

Eunbi recently uploaded a series of black and white as well as color photos on Instagram. In each of the pics, Eunbi completely dazzled as she posed in different ways with her bag.

The black and white photos highlighted Eunbi’s gorgeous and feminine visuals…

While the colored photos showcased a more bold and intense Eunbi!

And of course, each and every single one of the pictures just gave further proof that Eunbi is a true visual goddess!

With the photos bringing all sorts of aesthetic vibes, it’s hard to believe that they weren’t from a magazine pictorial or even from a modeling gig.

While they may not be from a pictorial or modeling gig, these pictures are further proof that Eunbi seriously needs to make an official debut as a model!

Like, right now!