IZ*ONE Wonyoung’s Pilates Photos Will Make You Seriously Question What You’re Doing With Your Life

Looking at her photos, I now feel like a very unproductive potato:

With just two photos, IZ*ONE‘s Wonyoung not only had everyone in total awe of her strength and flexibility but also had just about everyone question their own life choices and workout routines.

On April 4, a brand new post was added to IZ*ONE’s Instagram page of one of the members doing pilates. At first, many fans thought the photos were of Eunbi since she had previously posted some pilates pictures but upon closer inspection, the photos turned out to be of Wonyoung!

In the photos, Wonyoung showcased her strength as well as her flexibility as she enjoyed some of her free time working out!

While there were only two photos uploaded, they’ve been having a big effect on fans.  WIZ*ONE aren’t only impressed by Wonyoung’s skills, they’re also feeling a little soft and a little attacked too!

Above all else, however, knowing how difficult pilates is because of the intense core workout is provides as well as knowing that Wonyoung is only 15 in international age has just about everyone questioning themselves and their own workout routines! Even more so knowing

Strength, flexibility, and lots of talent! Is there anything that Wonyoung doesn’t have?