IZ*ONE’s Chaeyeon Is Topping All “Girl Crush” Styles With Her Brand New Haircut

She’s winning that visual game.

At a recent airport sighting of IZ*ONE members, Chaeyeon single handedly snatched all the attention of K-Pop fans with her fresh new haircut and a modern-chic outfit to match the new style!


For a while since debut, Chaeyeon rocked her long and gorgeous “dancing hair”, which had her fans completely mesmerized.

Everyone Is Falling In Love With IZ*ONE Chaeyeon’s “Dancing” Hair


But she reached a whole new level of awesome with her brand new, shoulder-length, black-colored look!


Chaeyeon was giving off some major “boss lady vibes”…


… and WIZ*ONEs are just madly in love!


Watch Chaeyeon’s airport runway here: