This Gorgeous Influencer Is IZ*ONE Jang Wonyoung’s Look-Alike, According To Netizens

Both are absolutely stunning.

A social media influencer is gaining attention for her stunning visuals that are reminiscent of IZ*ONE’s Jang Wonyoung.

| @i_am_young22/Instagram

Known as i_am_young22 on social media, Jang Nayoung bears a strong resemblance to the singer with not only her visuals and expressions…

…but also her name! Sharing a family name didn’t help rumors of the two being related.

However, despite being the same age as Wonyoung’s younger sister, Nayoung stated the two have no relation.

| @i_am_young22/Instagram

Take a look at the real Wonyoung with luscious waves and dreamy makeup…

…and then check out Nayoung’s selfies!

| @i_am_young22/Instagram

Do you see their similarities?

| @i_am_young22/Instagram

If the two were to ever meet and take a selfie together, it would be a visual explosion.

Check out some more of her pictures that are reminiscent of Wonyoung!

| @i_am_young22/Instagram
| @i_am_young22/Instagram
| @i_am_young22/Instagram


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