IZ*ONE Just Revealed the Shocking Cost of Their Monthly Food Expenses

*Rubs eyes* What do they eat???

IZ*ONE recently appeared on SBS-TV’s Access Showbiz Tonight where they went on a date with their fans out on the streets.

On the show, IZ*ONE showed off bright expressions on their faces, waved to their fans, and even performed “Pick Me”, which they performed back when they were on Mnet’s Produce 48.

The show then presented a surprise gift for IZ*ONE by taking them to a cafe to enjoy a leisurely time together over cakes, beverages, and other snacks.

In the middle of their cafe eating show, IZ*ONE’s Kang Hyewon revealed their group’s monthly food expenses with a smile on her face. She confessed, “Our group’s monthly food expenses total to around 30 million won (~$25,000 USD).”

And then when the host asked IZ*ONE’s Nako, “What’s a new phrase you learned while being in Korea?” she responded with, “If you eat it deliciously, it’s 0 calories” and made everyone burst into laughter.

As young girls working in the entertainment industry, they’re expected to eat hearty amounts of food, but their monthly food expenses might make you wonder exactly what kind of food they eat on a regular basis.

Source: Dispatch


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