IZ*ONE’s Leader Eunbi Strongly Praised For How She Handled Her Sprained Ankle On Stage

A pro’s a pro.

IZ*ONE recently performed their hit song, “Secret Story of the Swan” on SBS‘s Inkigayo, and the member who drew particular attention was the group’s leader, Eunbi.


While every member slayed in black dresses and matching black heels, Eunbi was the only one who wore sneakers on stage.

And the reason is that Eunbi injured her ankle, which was announced on IZ*ONE’s official fan cafe ahead of the performance.

The agency explained that although it’s not a serious injury, Eunbi would wear sneakers instead of heels to prevent the injury from getting worse.

But despite all of that, what awed fans was just how well Eunbi danced in her sneakers as if the injury never happened.

After realizing that Eunbi not only went up on stage with an injury but made sure to slay the performance, fans responded with comments such as “A pro’s a pro“, “She’s so determined“, and “I can’t believe she can dance like that with an injury“.

On the other hand, other fans are criticizing the agency for making her perform after suffering an injury.

Check out the full performance below:

Source: Insight