This IZ*ONE Member’s Pink Hair Reminds Netizens Of A Manga Novel Character

We can’t tell who is prettier.

Girl group IZ*ONE is slowly gearing up for their upcoming comeback as members have been seen sporting new hair styles! One member in particular is catching the eyes of netizens due to her vibrant pink hair and everyone is agreeing that it suits her immaculately. In fact, she looks so good that netizens are comparing her to manga characters!

| Tistory

The member in question is Sakura! She previously revealed that she would love to have pink hair and it looks like her dreams came true. In these newly released photos, the IZ*ONE member is seen with a much different hairstyle than fans are used to.

| Nate

The IZ*ONE beauty is usually known for her dark hair bobs but in these pictures, Sakura can be seen with not just pink hair, but a long ponytail as well. She looks absolutely ethereal with her long, flowy pink hair whipping through the air in the photos! It probably helps that Sakura looks like a fairy on a normal day to day basis.

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Netizens couldn’t contain themselves as they poured out their adoration for Sakura’s new look. With comments such as, “wow I think I’ve seen someone just like her in a game”, “what the, is this a manga?”, and “this is crazy…if she looks good in these previews…can you imagine her beauty on stage with all the proper lighting at the show?”

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We can’t think of anyone else who pulls off pink hair better than Sakura. Can you? Meanwhile, IZ*ONE is preparing for their highly anticipated comeback so be on the lookout for their return!

Source: Nate and Tistory