IZ*ONE’s Minjoo Shocks Fans With Her Surprising Cooking Skills

We’d eat it all anyway.

IZ*ONE‘s Minjoo is known for many things – her beautiful looks, charisma, fast improvement in dance and singing skills, her personality and of course, for her chic and cool charms. It seems that she applies these cool charms to her cooking as well, as noted by her fans on an online cafe. Her attempts to fry up some spam in IZ*ONE CHU has resurfaced.

Minjoo first opens up the can of spam – so far so good.

She then attempts to remove the spam from the tin – using a huge knife. But we can’t blame her, spam is indeed hard to extricate from the can.

Using a high-level skill of holding down the spam using a single chopstick while slicing it up with a knife in the other hand, Minjoo deftly chops up the ham after consulting Chaeyeon on what shapes to cut it in.

After which, she loads the spam up onto a pan and takes a bite of lettuce as a break for a job well done. It was at that moment that her unnie, Chaeyeon, looked over at what Minjoo was doing and realized that Minjoo had forgotten to turn on the fire.

Minjoo hurriedly puts down her lettuce and plays it off as that she was just about to turn the fire on when Chaeyeon had spoken up. Nice save. The spam however…

It seems that Minjoo has redeemed herself, two years later. During a recent episode of IZ*ONE Arcade, Minjoo is seen cooking kimchi fried rice alongside Chaewon, and we can safely say that the finished work is not bad.

Minjoo’s kimchi fried rice looks like a success, don’t you think?

Regardless, it seems like fans would love to have a bite of whatever she’s cooking up, no matter how good or bad it tastes. We relate on a spiritual level.

When you look this gorgeous, who cares about not being able to cook? Be sure to support Minjoo and the girls of IZ*ONE in their latest comeback with “Secret Story of the Swan”!

Source: Daum and Naver