IZ*ONE Reacts To A Handsome Fan That Appeared On Stage During A Showcase

We would fall for him too!

The members of IZ*ONE recently participated in KCON:TACT‘s 2020 summer virtual concert as hosted by Mnet. The members not only performed their recent comeback song, “Secret Story of The Swan“, but they also got the chance to talk with a few lucky fans from all over the world via a video conference call.

This particular fan from Japan made waves not only amongst the members who greeted him enthusiastically, but also amongst netizens who were abuzz about his handsome looks. One comment from a netizen even said, “The other members must be jealous that he chose Minjoo.”

When asked which member he wanted to talk to, he wittily replied, “Minjoo Angel”, and introduced himself as Yuta with the help of the Japanese-speaking members. The rest of IZ*ONE can be heard exclaiming loudly at his smart answer.

She made sure to give him a big smile and wave, even ending off with a heart!

Other comments on community sites said that he should debut as an idol immediately, rather than be a fan! His handsome looks even has international WIZ*ONES shook!

Meanwhile, IZ*ONE has made an extremely successful comeback with their EDM-based song, “Secret of The Swan”, selling out the most number of copies of albums in first week sales for any girl group ever. It is no wonder that this handsome fan is head-over-heels for IZ*ONE!

Source: DC Gall