IZ*ONE’s Sakura Caught Everyone’s Attention With Her Bright And Chic Visuals At Seoul Fashion Week

Sakura’s bright aura stole everyone’s heart:

On October 16, IZ*ONE‘s Sakura, Minju, Chaeyeon, and Hyewon left everyone breathless with their stunning visuals at the 2020 S/S “Big Park” Collection at Seoul Fashion Week. With their unique and luxurious looking fashion looks, they stole hearts right and left!


They each brought a unique aura to the show that had hearts skipping a beat including Sakura’s bright and chic one!


Dressed in a yellow patterned dress, Sakura immediately caught attention with her bright and bold fashion.


But with the addition of her sparkling eyes, brown and red ombré hair, and sweet charms, she was soon making everyone swoon.


Making the look even sweeter with a smile, Sakura quickly came after everyone’s heart…


And left everyone feeling seriously attacked.


From breathlessness…


To heart palpitations, Sakura left everyone feeling the effects of her charms.


With her visuals shining so brightly, it’s no surprise at all that Sakura caught everyone’s attention and thoroughly charmed them with her chic and bright aura!