IZ*ONE’s Sakura Left Everyone Feeling Seriously Attacked With Her Exposed Forehead And Sleek White Suit

Sakura didn’t hold any punches with her stunning visuals:

Since IZ*ONE came back with “Fiesta” they’ve been attacking fans left and right with their stunning performances and gorgeous visuals. And on March 1, IZ*ONE came back to leave fans breathless once again at Inkigayo.

While each of the members shone brightly and came to steal everyone’s heart, Miyawaki Sakura captured a lot of attention for her heart-stopping visuals.

Dressed in a sleek white suit that showed off her stunning physique, Sakura was both feminine and chic!

While seeing her in a suit already had fans feeling more than a little flustered, Sakura didn’t stop there! With her forehead fully exposed, Sakura certainly didn’t hold any punches!

Add in her flawless dance moves and sweet vocals and Sakura had everyone feeling seriously attacked!

Fans have definitely been feeling the effects of Sakura’s goddess visuals, amazing stage presence, and flawless performance!

Well, since we’re already feeling pretty attacked there’s no harm in having her fancam on repeat right?