IZ*ONE Reveals The Shocking Reasons Why They Believe In Aliens — And It Will Give You Goosebumps

They got a first-hand experience.

IZ*ONE was asked whether or not they believe in aliens…and a couple of members had some unbelievable stories to tell.

Immediately, a couple of voices spoke up, saying they were completely sold on the idea.

Some of the members who agreed included Chaewon


…and Eunbi.

When asked why, Wonyoung revealed she had proof.

I’ve watched a UFO for real.

— Wonyoung

Wonyoung began to tell the story of her encounter with aliens. One day, after practice, she was eating tteokbokki under the night sky.

She saw something appear in the sky and move around wildly before suddenly vanishing.

There was something sparkling popping up…then it disappeared.

— Wonyoung

Some members thought it could have been a star, but stars don’t move in this particular erratic pattern Wonyoung witnessed that day.

She even tried to show the person next to her, but by the time she got their attention and pointed to the sky, the mystery object had vanished.

Nako revealed she also had a similar experience to Wonyoung.

One day, when she was looking at the sky, another mysterious object moved in a similar pattern that Wonyoung saw.

I was looking in the sky and the thing pops up like *zoom*

— Nako

However, Sakura admitted she doesn’t buy any of their stories and still needs more convincing!

Who do you believe? Check out their full alien stories below!


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