IZ*ONE’s Yujin Had A Savage Comment About Yena’s “Noise Level”

Yujin didn’t hesitate with her comment!

The IZ*ONE members love teasing each other, and during their recent appearance on  MU:PLY‘s The Silence Of IDOL, Yujin made a savage comment towards Yena.

IZ*ONE’s Yujin
IZ*ONE’s Yena

Near the beginning of the show, Yujin noticed some devices that would light up when there was too much noise.

| MUPLY/YouTube

Yujin was “amazed” by this device and stated that she should place one in Yena’s room so that it would keep her quiet.

| MUPLY/YouTube

Yujin then asked the directors if she could take one of the devices home so that she could place it in Yena’s room. Yena and Yujin then proceeded to adorably “bicker” for a bit.

| MUPLY/YouTube

Here’s the full video below!


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