Japan Invented A Child Robot To Help Dentists Train, But It’s Terrifying People Instead

You might get chills.

Content Warning

This article includes descriptions of graphic content that may disturb some readers.

Japan invented a child robot to assist dentists in their training, and its appearance is creating more terror than excitement among the general public.

The robot was made to assist dentists in their training | Jonathan Borba/Unsplash

When asked the reason behind its creation, Engineering Division Director Yusuke Ishii explained that they wanted to help medical workers train for emergencies. That way, if something were to go wrong, they would be prepared for it.

The medical workers really need to experience medical emergencies. It is important that they experience a situation where something goes wrong, and that’s what it can simulate.

— Yusuke Ishii

But with its thrashing movements, head turns, and glowing eyes, it is leaving many feeling very unsettled.

While some acknowledged that it can help dental workers learn how to handle frightened children, others expressed concerns about how it shows a child in vivid pain, with many questioning its necessity.

Comments on the matter ranged from sarcastic remarks about the robot gaining sentience during dental training to asking about the implications of a child-like robot enduring distress. Some netizens also joked that they won’t be able to sleep that night after watching the video.

  • Great! A child robot who becomes sentient during dentistry training. GREAT!
  • I get how this is unsettling, but I can also see how this could really help dental workers learn how to handle children who are freaking out in the chair.
  • A robot that looks like a child and can only struggle and experience pain?
  • Ok, was the pupil dilation absolutely, 100 percent necessary?!
  • Thanks, I didn’t want to sleep tonight anyways.

A single robot reportedly costs a whopping $195,000 USD, so it may be a long time before most people will every lay eyes on one.

Meanwhile, watch the video below.

Source: YouTube and Reddit

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