The Japanese High Schooler Who Broke The Internet With His Extremely Handsome, Idol-Like Visuals

Netizens thought SM should scout him!

An ordinary Japanese high school student went viral in South Korea and it’s because of his extremely good looks.

It all began when an online community user shared photos of an otherwise normal high school boy getting his hair done at a Japanese salon. While the hair salon’s Instagram page was filled with numerous other hair models, this particular one stood out to the followers.

Upon investigation, netizens discovered that the high schooler’s name is Shusuke. Shusuke earned himself the nickname Superstar K (shortened version, shu-seu-K) due to the similarity of his name and the shortened name of the program. In the Instagram clips, the high schooler’s visuals were definitely noticeable even though he’s wearing a mask.

Still from Instagram clip | @lipps_hiratatakumi/Instagram

Shortly after he went viral, photos of Shusuke without his mask began to circulate online and just as everyone suspected, his good looks continued even underneath his mask.

| theqoo

Netizens immediately chimed in with their thoughts, comparing the high schooler’s looks to ASTRO‘s Cha Eunwoo, who is known for his godly visuals. Due to his good looks, the Japanese hair salon’s Instagram page began to fill with Korean comments left by Korean netizens who fell in love with the handsome high schooler.

| @lipps_hiratatakumi/Instagram
  • “Noona came back…”
  • “Hair stylist, thank you for a second video! I really want to steal him.”
  • “I came back for you, handsome fellow.”
  • “Would you be interested in debuting as a member of NCT..”
  • “SM is looking for Japanese trainees…do you have any desires to be a K-Pop idol”
  • “You’re not even a celebrity and you’re just a civilian, but I could understand why you wouldn’t want to share your Instagram handle.”
  • “If you know you’re going viral in Korea for being handsome, you should probably audition or something.”
  • “This is a miracle…”
  • “Please make an Instagram…”
Still from Instagram clip | @lipps_hiratatakumi/Instagram

His popularity continued to rise, as the hair salon uploaded even more videos with the high schooler as a hair model. While the hair salon received endless requests for Shusuke’s Instagram handle, they declined in an effort to protect him. According to the hair salon, Shusuke was still a minor at  the time and was also just a normal high school student.

Still from Instagram clip | @lipps_hiratatakumi/Instagram

While no one knows much more about him, many are still hoping he may make a foray into the entertainment industry. While the account posting the videos has since been deleted from Instagram, you can check out the viral Japanese high schooler down below. 

Source: Dispatch
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