The Japanese Teen Who Went Viral In Korea For His Ethereal Visuals Is All Grown Up Now

His face is insane.

In 2018, Japanese teen heartthrob Shunsuke Michieda went viral for his ethereal visuals, capturing the hearts of many all around the world. Today, he is a mature and talented young man who has only become more handsome!

Shunsuke is a member of Naniwa Danshi, a boy group that debuted five years ago under talent agency Johnny & Associates.

| Naniwa Danshi/Johnny Associates

He is also an actor who has featured in multiple films and dramas over the years, such as Even If This Love Disappears From The World Tonight

…and My Love Mix-Up!

Even when he was a rookie in the entertainment industry, he already attracted major attention from people online. “He’s a triple threat, with the looks, the voice, the moves and the personality,” they gushed.


And that still holds true today! His insane good looks are now more refined and mature.

The singer-actor boasts an elongated nose, full lips, and gentle eyes—combined, his face is pretty much lethal.

At 21 years old, he is still a budding young man with a bright future ahead. There’s a lot to look forward to!

Meanwhile, read more about Shunsuke Michieda in the article below.

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