Jazz Singer-Songwriter John Eun Reveals What An Honor It Was To Work With BTS’s RM

He expressed the importance of BTS and their music.

Jazz singer-songwriter John Eun (Eun Hee Young) revealed his story on how he worked with BTS’s RM for his song “Hope.”

| John Eun

Last year, Eun released two singles “Heart” and “Hope” to bring healing and consolation during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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In regards to his single “Heart”, he commented, “’Heart’ is a song that expresses who I am as a person, and as a musician, and what I can do during the midst of the pandemic.”

| John Eun

He continued, “Medical staff, teachers, artist, the self-employed, people in the technical field are all doing their best in their places.”

For his single “Hope”, many famous musicians participated in the making process of the track. BTS’s leader RM, Mot‘s vocal Lee I Eon, participated in the back vocals while Hong Isaac and others participated in the chorus.

Previously, RM is known for recommending Eun Hee Young’s song “Walkin” back in 2019 through BTS’s social media account.

Eun revealed, “Although I got to know them through RM, their music itself is really good.”

RM’s participation in the song “Hope” was by pure coincidence.

| John Eun

There was a time I was hooked on gathering as many musicians as possible to sing together. When the song was almost finished, I wanted RM to listen to a new song, and he was happy to come in to the studio.

⁠— John Eun

In regards to BTS and their message, Eun commented, “Their music contains the message and comfort necessary for this era, which is great and positive enough to influence the world. I am so happy to be able to have this small collaboration with such an artist.”

Take a listen to “Hope” below!

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