Irene And Jennie Proved Once And For All They’re Best Friends, In The Cutest Way Possible

JenRene really are the sweetest!

The friendship between BLACKPINK and Red Velvet is one of the cutest friendships out there. It’s really no wonder they’ve been dubbed “BLACKVELVET.” While all of the girls are friends with each other, interactions between Jennie and Irene have been making netizens everywhere melt.

Fans know that Irene and Jennie became friends when they ended up going to the same hair salon together.

Since then their friendship has blossomed and they’ve become the very best of friends. While they’ve shown plenty of affection for each other over the years, fans can’t get enough of how much love they’ve been showing recently.

When Jennie was promoting “Solo” and Red Velvet made their comeback with “Really Bad Boy” there were plenty of opportunities for Irene and Jennie to hang out.

From dancing together along with WINNER‘s Mino

To finding each other in a crowd, they’ve been giving everyone a heart attack with all their cute interactions, but they may have just outdone themselves.

At a Music Core episode, ReVeluvs were surprised to see Irene pull out a couple of new moves to “Really Bad Boy”. Instead of the normal blowing a kiss action…

She did a special finger wag and gave an adorable wink.


This new move looked pretty familiar to fans and it didn’t take long everyone to figure out why. The moves are actually a part of Jennie’s “Solo” choreography!

Irene, however, wasn’t the only doing something different. At the beginning of “Solo” Jennie normally does a number of sweet heart poses…

But instead did this move…

Which is a part of the choreography from “Really Bad Boy”! The two best friends had actually incorporated a little bit of each other’s choreography into their own stages!

With that adorable and absolutely sweet touch, netizens have been going absolutely crazy for their wonderful friendship which really is one of the best ones out there!

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