Jeon Jin Seo Describes How Difficult It Is to Be a Child Actor and Apologizes for Past Mistakes

Jeon Jin Seo was faced with controversy during the airing of “The World of the Married”.

Child actor, Jeon Jin Seo recently made his first variety appearance on tvN’s You Quiz on the Block, where he opened up about the hardships of being a child actor.

He confessed to Yoo Jae Suk that he feels overwhelmed by being both an actor as well as a kid who works hard in school.

In an interview with the producers, Jeon Jin Seo confessed,

Being an actor is hard. It’s not all easy. You end up being able to do less and less things. That’s what I was the most sad about.

– Jeon Jin Seo

He continued,

I want to go and play with my friends, but I can’t go out whenever I want. And if I do something wrong, people ask, ‘How can an actor behave like that?’

– Jeon Jin Seo

Jeon Jin Seo then went on to apologize for the controversy he faced during The World of the Married and explained how hard it was for him at the time.

I realized it was my mistake and accepted it. But when I went into hair and makeup, I burst into tears. I had to get ready and go in, but I cried for 20 minutes.

– Jeon Jin Seo

As an actor, Jeon Jin Seo is forced to hide certain sides of himself, and that itself puts a strain on the child actor as well.

He made the heartbreaking confession,

I’ve been living life while hiding certain sides of myself, so at times, I feel like real life is acting, too.

– Jeon Jin Seo

Regardless, his one wish is for the public to remember him, not as the rebellious kid he played in The World of the Married, but simply a nice kid.

Check out the full interview clip below:

Source: Dispatch