“The World of The Married” Teen Actor Jeon Jin Seo Apologizes After His Past Facebook Posts Also Spark Criticism

His agency claimed the Facebook account has now been deleted.

Shortly after The World of The Married‘s supporting actor Jung Joon Won‘s Facebook posts went viral for showing the 2004-born’s underage drinking and smoking…

Actor Jung Joon Won in one of the said Facebook posts

… the drama’s leading actor Jeon Jin Seo — for the role of the troubled son Lee Joon Young — also faced criticism for his allegedly controversial Facebook posts from the past.

Actor Jeon Jin Seo

When some Korean netizens found it problematic for the 2006-born Jeon Jin Seo to be using derogatory language in his comments with his friends…

Jeon Jin Seo’s comments in red, in response to his friend’s comments in blue

… and posting “offensive” and “inappropriate” illustrations…

The caption in the illustration reads, “All women f*ck off.”

… his agency, T1 Entertainment, intervened and apologized for the situation. In an official statement, the agency claimed, “The actor’s parents have been made aware of the situation for proper guidance at home.”

Hello, this is T1 Entertainment. First of all, we would like to extend our greatest appreciation for your support for the actor Jeon Jin Seo in The World of The Married. We also would like to send our apologies for the actor’s past Facebook posts that contained inappropriate language and illustration. Jeon Jin Seo posted the illustration, which trended amongst his peers as popular meme, after he entered middle school and was discouraged from dating. Though when he shared it, he had no intention to offend anyone, Jeon Jin Seo is now reflecting upon his careless decision. The Facebook account has been taken down, under the guidance of the actor’s parents.

— T1 Entertainment

The agency also pleaded to “Please be understanding of the 15-year-old boy for his young mistakes.”

As his agency, we also share the responsibility of guiding the actor. Alongside his parents, we will work to make sure Jeon Jin Seo grows up to be a bright, young man. We assure you this will not repeat. Meanwhile, please be understanding of the fact that Jeon Jin Seo is only 15 years old. We plead that you do not maliciously interpret his childish mistake. Finally, we apologize to The World of The Married‘s production team for causing a controversy as well.

— T1 Entertainment

With that said, other Korean netizens are defending Jeon Jin Seo and agreeing that while the contents may not have been the smartest things to post, this is part of a common “phase” that middle school students go through — and thus not a big deal if it does not repeat.

  • “Just learn from this mistake and don’t do it again. Hwaiting!
  • “This isn’t that big of a deal, LMAO. Just leave the poor boy alone.”
  • “All the boys his age curse. Don’t tell me you’ve never heard it. He’s only 15. His parents and his agency will keep an eye out on him.”
  • “If he’s going to keep building his acting career, then he does need to be more cautious. But if it doesn’t happen again, it’s not a problem.”
  • “I like him. He’s good at acting and he has a handsome face. I hope he learns from his mistake and grows up to be a successful actor!”
  • “I mean, it does make me see him in a slightly different way… but I’m sure he won’t ever do it again.”
  • “…??? Oh my god, he didn’t have to apologize. This is nothing!”
  • “He was only being a 15 year old boy though… Leave the kids alone.”

Meanwhile, The World of The Married now has two final episodes left. Netizens look forward to seeing Jeon Jin Seo’s character Lee Joon Young find some peace — as last week’s episodes left off showing the boy confiding in his mother again.

Source: THEQOO