Jeon So Min’s Brother Reveals the Harsh Comments He’s Been Receiving About His Sister

The malicious netizen is predicted to be a foreign fan of “Running Man”.

Jeon So Min‘s younger brother, Jeon Wook Min recently took to his Instagram Story to reveal malicious DMs to sent to him from who he predicts is a foreign fan of Running Man.

The DMs all include malicious remarks made about Jeon So Min, telling her brother to get her off Running Man.

Your little sister, Jeon So Min is on Running Man every day. Your entire family is cursed on those days.

Please ask her. Did Jeon So Min really film a sex movie in Japan?

Jeon So Min, get out of Running Man.

Make Jeon So Min leave Running Man or your family will be cursed every single day.

Stop your body and train your mind so that you can tell your sister to stop appearing on Running Man.

– Netizen

The malicious DMs are written in Korean, but seeing from the grammatical errors, it is predicted that the netizen is a foreigner from abroad.

Jeon Wook Min shared a screenshot of these DMs and captioned it, “I get so many DMs like this…

The malicious netizen has since then deleted their Instagram account.

Ahead of this incident, Jeon So Min confessed on an episode of Running Man that she had been receiving many malicious comments from fans abroad ever since she joined the show.

Some other foreign fans even made a cheering stick to support the Running Man members while excluding Jeon So Min and Yang Se Chan who joined later on.

On March 30, Jeon So Min announced a month-long hiatus after going to the hospital during the filming of a Running Man episode.

She returned on April 12 but had to leave midway to visit the hospital due to her poor health.

Source: Insight
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