The Scene In Jeon Somi’s “XOXO” Music Video That’s Rarely Seen In K-Pop, According To Celebrity Makeup Artist Pony

Pony has been to many MV shoots before, but this was a first for her!

Throughout the years, numerous K-Pop music videos have been released. Due to this, many themes and concepts have been reused over and over again. Jeon Somi‘s latest MV for “XOXO,” however, had a scene that has rarely been used before—at least according to Pony, her makeup artist!

Pony (left) and Jeon Somi (right) | @ponysmakeup/Instagram

As a celebrity makeup artist, Pony has been to many music video sites before, including the “XOXO” shoot. She talked about some behind the scenes stories from the day in a recent reaction video.

For her, the most shocking part was seeing a building explode right before her eyes. It was the first time she had ever witnessed it in her life, even as a veteran in the field.

Throughout my career, I’ve been on quite a few sets, but it was my first time seeing a building explode.

— Pony

The scene in question occurs towards the end when Somi “accidentally” drops a switch, which ignites an explosion behind her.

Even if Pony was only watching from the sidelines, she could already feel the heat! To her surprise, she also felt some sparks.

I was watching from a distance, but even from a distance, it was so hot. Even though I was far away, I felt these little sparks popping off.

— Pony

So I was worried that Somi might get hurt,” she added.

It says a lot about Somi that she continued to say in character the entire time a building was exploding behind her!

| @ponysmakeup/Instagram

In the same reaction video, Pony praised Somi’s professionalism on set even when filming conditions were difficult. Read about what Somi did here:

Jeon Somi’s “XOXO” Music Video Was Difficult To Film—But She Was A Complete Professional About It

Source: @PONY Syndrome/YouTube and @THEBLACKLABEL/YouTube