Jessi Dishes On BTS’s Jimin’s First Impression Of Her⁠ And How It’s Improved

Luckily, Jimin doesn’t feel the same way now!

Jessi only had amazing things to say about the BTS members in her recent Instagram live.

Jessi | @jessicah_o/Instagram

Jessi has known the BTS members for years and has always shown her support for the group, even when their promotions overlapped.

Jessi performing on stage | @waterbomb_official/Instagram

During her live broadcast, she again gushed about the members and applauded their success. She even gave a special shout-out to BTS’s RM for the admirable way he leads the group.

Jessi recently attended J-Hope‘s incredible Jack in the Box listening party, where BTS’s RM, Jimin, Jin, Jungkook, and V were all in attendance.

She confirmed she had a chance to speak with all six of the members who were present (Suga had a fever and was unable to attend) and shared that they were “all so sweet.

(From left to right) BTS’s J-Hope, HyunA, Jessi, and Simon Dominic | @jessicah_o/Instagram

The member she vibed with the most at the party was Jimin, with whom she spent “almost 40 minutes” talking about life.

The two captured the moment in sweet photos posted to Jessi’s Instagram story.

BTS’s Jimin (left) and Jessi (right) | @jessicah_o/Instagram
| @jessicah_o/Instagram

While they were able to bond at the party, Jessi hilariously exposed Jimin’s first impression of her, which wasn’t the most positive.

Jessi had previously collaborated with BTS on a commercial for SK Telecom in 2016.

Jessi with BTS in 2016

The concept of the commercial was a rap battle, and in the music video, Jessi’s strong charisma and fierce rapping skills were on full display.

BTS’s commercial with Jessi in 2016 | SK telecom/YouTube

As a result, Jimin seemed intimidated because he shared with Jessi that he initially thought she was “scary.” Luckily, his impression of Jessi has since changed.

He thought I was really scary, and then he saw me [at the party] and was like, ‘you’re not scary at all!’

⁠— Jessi

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