Jessi’s Secret To Smelling Amazing — Netizens Are Shook By How Much Perfume She Actually Uses

Hint: You need to be RICH! 🤯

Jessi doesn’t just look luxurious — She also smells like heaven! When she excitedly revealed her favorite perfume during her “What’s In My Bag?” challenge, she left netizens shook at one particular detail.

Jessi went through her purse and revealed all of the things she carries around, including her favorite perfume. However, she runs out of it very fast!

Each month, she purchases a new bottle of her favorite CHANEL perfume, which can definitely start to add up!

The perfume she loves is CHANEL’s Chance Eau Tendre, which costs around $183 USD. If she buys one every month of the year, that’s over $2,000 USD just for perfume!


Netizens were shocked at how fast Jessi can go through an entire expensive bottle of perfume. However, it seems to all pay off — From stories of the celebrities around her, she always smells great!

  • “Wow… She must be carrying it around everyday and spraying it all day long”
  • “Wow 1 bottle of perfume per month?? You need to do is so diligently. When I like a perfume, I keep buying it, but I don’t spray it that often so it always ends up sitting in my room lol”
  • “If I had that much money, I’d use up a bottle of perfume every month too…”

However, when you see just how much of it Jessi uses at once, it all makes sense why it runs out so fast!

Now we know Jessi’s secrets to smelling amazing — but try not to use so much unless you have the money to spend!


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