The “Run BTS!” Editors Are Having Way Too Much Fun At Jimin’s Expense

The show paid tribute to Jimin in a hilarious way.

The Run BTS! editors have a very special way of showing love for BTS‘s Jimin.


Run BTS! is a variety show where BTS’s members play games to win prizes, avoid penalties, and entertain millions of fans. In Episodes 79 and 80, BTS played a 007 game that was 50% treasure hunt and 50% betrayal. They had to find hidden cards, outwit each other, and win hearts from the Game Masters.


During Round 1, Jimin failed so hard that he ended up getting “dumped” by Suga and screaming his lungs out in frustration, but that all changed in Round 2.


Jimin was on a roll! He racked up cards without even trying…


…but the editors wouldn’t let him live.


In fact, they made a whole compilation clip to immortalize Jimin’s failures!


The editors spliced together Jimin’s best penalties, including his airport walk of shame, then set it to BTS’s “Blood, Sweat, & Tears”.


It’s all good though. Win or lose, the staff loves Jimin just as much as ARMYs do!