The Time When Jin, Jimin, And V Chose Food Over BTS…Then Suga Stepped In

Suga was not on board.

If Run BTS! viewers have learned anything from the show, it’s that nothing is more important to BTS than food!

Jimin, Jin, and V | Run BTS!/Weverse

In Episode 140, BTS teamed up with tvN‘s The Game Caterers to play games hosted by producer Na Young Suk. BTS was presented with a barbeque buffet that could be theirs for the eating, but only if they scored well on the “Figure Quiz”. Every time BTS failed to name a celebrity, they lost ingredients for the barbeque.

| Run BTS!/Weverse

By the end, they had little more than a few mushrooms, kimchi, and rice, but the staff gave them an opportunity to negotiate with Na Young Suk for pork belly strips. Jimin took it upon himself to spearhead this mission, but he needed help from Jin and V.

Jin, who has proved his business savvy many times, was happy to volunteer his talents. “I’m good at making a deal,” he said. J-Hope trusted this trio with the task, saying, “Jimin, Jin, and V will determine our destiny.” 

| Run BTS!/Weverse

After much negotiation, they came to an agreement with Na Young Suk. BTS would play one final game. If they won, they would get to eat pork belly. If they lost, they would shoot a promotional video for The Game Caterers’ YouTube channel — for free!

| Run BTS!/Weverse   

BTS’s appearance fees are in the millions, but the members really wanted more food, so who was getting the better deal? Naturally, Na Young Suk was skeptical. Would all seven members really agree to this?

| Run BTS!/Weverse

Jimin, V, and Jin sold BTS out without a second thought, but Suga objected!

Suga | Run BTS!/Weverse

“Hey!” he shouted from the barbeque. “You have no self-respect?” Jimin yelled back, “Aren’t you hungry? We are trying hard. Don’t you whine there.” 

| Run BTS!/Weverse 

“I wanted to say we can’t do it because it hurts our pride,” Jin later confessed. “But we will do it.” In the end, everything worked out in BTS’s favor. Suga saved the group’s dignity by correctly guessing Bart Simpson.

| Run BTS!/Weverse 

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