Jo Bo Ah Was Supposed To Be The Female Lead In “Business Proposal” But Turned It Down For This Drama Instead

Did you know about this?

K-Drama Business Proposal aired in early 2022, receiving much love from fans for its hilarious yet sweet scenes. Part of its success can be attributed to the cast, who gained immense popularity after the show. In particular, fans loved the chemistry between the two couples, played by Kim Sejeong and Ahn Hyo Seop and Seol In Ah and Kim Min Gue.

The cast of Business Proposal. | SBS

Arguably, Kim Sejeong carried the show with her portrayal of both Shin Ha Ri and Shin Geum Hee. Shin Geum Hee was hilarious, crazy, and undeniably gorgeous. She had many iconic lines such as…

…on the other hand, Shin Ha Ri was sweet, caring and the best girlfriend ever.

But did you know that Kim Sejeong was not the initial choice for the female lead? Back in March 2021, it was reported by Korean media that Jo Bo Ah had been cast for the lead and was considering the offer. Fans of the original webtoon found her to be a perfect match for the role of Shin Ha Ri, thanks to her looks.

Shin Ha Ri as Geum Hee in the webtoon. | Haehwa

Fans were convinced that Jo Bo Ah could play the confident and charming Shin Geum Hee…

Jo Bo Ah at an event. | bnt

…as well as the feminine, capable, and confident Shin Ha Ri.

Tae Moo and Ha Ri in the webtoon. | Haehwa

Fans thought that Jo Bo Ah could bring out the more casual and innocent side of Ha Ri…

Jo Bo Ah in Temperature of Love. | SBS

…as well as the feminine and gorgeous side to her. The character in the webtoon for Shin Ha Ri is originally refined and delicate compared to how she was written in the drama version.

News that Jo Bo Ah had dropped out was never formally reported. Still, she was later confirmed for a role in Military Prosecutor Doberman in November 2021, while Kim Sejeong was cast in August 2021 for Business Proposal. Why did Jo Bo Ah turn down Business Proposal for Military Prosecutor Doberman?

Both dramas were filmed around the same period in late 2021, making it impossible for her to do both.

Promotional poster for Military Prosecutor Doberman. | tvN

Fans speculate that she had wanted the opportunity to change her image to develop as an actress. Her roles mostly revolved around the same type of image as the pretty, popular girl. She debuted in 2021 as the stunning muse of a rock band in Shut Up! Flower Boy Band. Later on, she played the cutesy rich girl in All About My Mom and another wealthy heiress in Temperature of Love. Although she slowly developed her portfolio with other roles, such as an investigative journalist in Tale of The Nine-Tailed, she needed something to drive the nail in.

With Military Prosecutor Doberman, she transformed into a cold and bright prosecutor with incredible fighting skills. She chopped her long locks off and donned a military uniform instead of the pretty outfits she usually wore on dramas. She played Cha Woo In, a girl with revenge in mind. She will do anything to get back the company stolen from her and clear her father’s name.

Jo Bo Ah as Cha Woo In. | tvN

While Jo Bo Ah may have disappointed some fans by passing up Business Proposal, all was well. She made a successful transformation and proved her versatility

as an actress. On the other hand, Kim Sejeong made the character of Shin Ha Ri her own and skyrocketed the drama to global popularity with her lovable antics.

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