Jo Kwon Shows Off His New High Heels While Slaying Somi’s “Dumb Dumb” Dance

“My new high heels.”

2AM‘s Jo Kwon dominates everything he does and he recently reminded everyone of how stunning he is in a recent Instagram post!

On August 13, Jo Kwon took to his personal Instagram to post an incredible cover of Somi‘s latest hit “Dumb Dumb.”

For his caption, Jo Kwon wrote, “My new high heels
thank uĀ @thesummergirl_10šŸ’™ .”Ā Dancing to “Dumb Dumb” is clearly the best way to show off some new shoes!

For those who follow Jo Kwon on Instagram, you know that this isn’t Jo Kwon’s first time stunning everyone by dancing in heels. If you look through his Instagram, Jo Kwon is constantly posting amazing videos of his dancing in heels!

Many fans commented under the post to compliment both Jo Kwon and his pretty new high heels.

Check out Jo Kwon’s post below:


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