Jo Min Ki’s Final Letter To Press Before His Death Revealed

“Everything is my fault, I have committed a crime.”

After actor Jo Min Ki was found dead, South Korean press Dispatch released Jo Min Ki’s apology letter that was handwritten on the 26th but went unpublished because the agency released an official statement instead.


Jo Min Ki did not leave a will, but the letter shares his thoughts on his sexual misconduct allegation.

Things got out of hand so quickly. I felt so much pressure that I didn’t know how to handle it. So a lot of time passed and I’ve turned into a coward who is busy avoiding and denying what’s happening.

I am ashamed and I am sorry. But for the past 7 years, I had to be a strict professor in class to guide my students who have chosen the long and hard path of acting.

So I tried to be casual and lenient away from class. To my students who felt disrespected and humiliated because of those times, I would like to sincerely apologize from the bottom of my heart.

Thanks to you, I have been able to realize how arrogant and wrong I have been. I am sorry and grateful.

And to Cheongju University and its Department of Theatre students who are studying hard with a passion for acting, I offer my deepest apology as I write this letter completely ashamed of myself.”

— Jo Min Ki


News reports that on March 9 (the day of his death) Jo Min Ki called his closest friends and apologized for causing trouble and letting them down.

Jo Min Ki was found in cardiac arrest in the parking lot of an apartment complex. He was taken to Konkuk University Medical Center but passed away.

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