The Horrific Case Of How Johnny’s Associates Founder, Johnny Kitagawa, Sexually Assaulted His Friend’s Son And Grandson

It took decades for the victims to step up.

Content Warning

This article includes descriptions of sexual assault that may disturb some readers.

Johnny Kitagawa, the founder and ex-CEO of Johnny’s Associates, was previously accused of sexual assault and harassment on multiple occasions. One such case involved J-Pop idol Kauan Okamoto.

J-Pop Idol Kauan Okamoto Makes Shocking Revelation — Alleges Former Label President Had Habitually Sexually Assaulted Him

Following Okamoto’s revelation and the support from international news agents, another one of Johnny Kitagawa’s victims has stepped up. This time, in a shocking case, it was revealed that Johnny abused his friend’s son.

Johnny Kitagawa.

Back then, Johnny was only 19-years-old. He befriended Ryoichi Hattori, who had two sons and a daughter. When he stayed over at the Hattoris’ house, he would sexually assault Ryoichi’s son, Yoshitsugu, who was only 8-years-old back then.

Yoshitsugu Hattori.

In July 2023, Yoshitsugu, now 78-years-old, finally spoke up about the matter. Not only did Johnny sexually assault him, but he also assaulted Yoshitsugu’s childhood friend, Motoyashi, who stopped by at the Hattoris’ on occasion.

Later on, after Ryoichi passed away, Johnny showed up at the funeral. Johnny was known to be close friends with Ryoichi, so much so that he took a special standing near the family at the funeral. At the funeral, Johnny met Yoshitsugu and Yoshitsugu’s young son. Johnny showed extreme interest in his son. It was later stated that Johnny also sexually assaulted Yoshitsugu’s son, who was only 12-years-old then.

Johnny and Yoshitsugu’s son.

Johnny Kitagawa founded the first Johnny’s J-Pop group, before later establishing his entertainment agency, Johnny’s Associates. He passed away in 2019 at 87 years old.

Source: Theqoo
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