Could “Youth With You” Trainees Understand BLACKPINK’s Lisa? Here’s What One Said

Here’s a glimpse of what happened behind the scenes.

Through season two of Youth With YouBLACKPINK‘s Lisa knocked her role of mentor right out of the park. She didn’t shy away from giving them tough love and was quick to shed tears over their success, especially Lu Keran.

Since the trainees who participated in the program went on to do interviews about their experience on the show, there was one question that many were curious about regarding Lisa.

Having trainee Ju Chen as a special guest, YouTubers Der Ting and Kaka asked if the trainees could understand Lisa when she was speaking her native tongue Thai.

Even though someone doesn’t fully understand a foreign language, it’s possible to pick up on specific words or phrases when hearing them often enough.

While Kaka and Der Ting laughed, Ju Chen gave an adorable response. Showing surprise, she responded that she hadn’t had a clue. With a bright smile, she said, “Thai? [I] can’t understand.” She then explained what would typically happen.

If you spotted the earpieces all of the hosts wore on the show, you’d know they were receiving translations through them. Ju Chen explained it was similar for the trainees, “There are translators.”

Kaka pointed out how convincing the show had put together the clips to make it seem like everyone instantly understood what each other was saying. Imitating how the trainees would nod to Lisa’s words, she said, “Because, in the show, you guys looked like you understand her.”

It had merely been editing. Ju Chen revealed there was a waiting period before they could understand all of the things that Lisa spoke in Thai, “We have to wait for a while, then we will understand.”

Although trainees like Ju Chen couldn’t pick up on what Lisa was saying in Thai, it did give a minor look into what happens behind the scenes when there are so many different languages involved in filming. From Thai to Chinese to English, Youth With You made it all flow flawlessly. Check out Ju Chen’s explanation here.